Thursday, June 1st
Clear Sky - Wind: 3.44 Mph
81.7 °F

Late February

Friday, February 25, 2022

Lots of changing conditions out here

This week has really been all over the place.   Between practice and fishing the first two days of the Toyota series it has really been a grind.  With trying everything else under the sun I could think of to eliminate random thought for the derby it all came back to the basics.  The most consistent bite has been mid lake Goose Pond to Seibold.  Still targeting the shallower grass 3-5 foot range and covering water still targeting points and pockets on the main lake and creeks.  One thing I can add is where you get a bite or two if you have the patience to stay and grind it out a while.  I didn’t do that for the tournament and chose to run around looking for biting fish which I believe is why I didn’t do as well as to most of the top finishers who chose to stay in their primary area and grind it out for the day.  The best baits are still a chatterbait and rattle bait.  Shad and green pnk colors in clearer water and red and orange craw patters in your dirtier water.  Water temps have been rising a little into the low 50’s now and with all the rain the lake is about 2-3 feet high now with dirty water most every where.  Finding cleaner water really seems to be the key right now.

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