Tuesday, June 6th
Clear Sky - Wind: 0 Mph
68.5 °F

Mid February

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Warming but windy

The weather has been warming quite a bit this week but it has come with strong winds.  Seems to be when it’s close to 70 the wind is close to 20 or more.  The water has warmed a degree or two on the river and a few degrees in the creeks.  Seeing some 50 – 52 anyways.  The bite seems to remain the same targets that 5 -7 foot range.  Best baits are still on rattle traps and chatterbaits.  The best pattern this week was targeting the tops of points and hump around the mouths of creeks and pockets.  Pretty much the same deal as last week just keep covering water and when you do get bit you seem to be able to run that deal for the day.  Still hard to duplicate the same thing 2 days in row.  There were some fish starting to show up in the backside of the river channel up river but the south wind against the current makes them seem to shut down and gets churned up.  so far mid lake is the most consistent bite which is always kind of true but it always has the most to offer and plenty of different patterns to run.

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