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Early February Fishing

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Cold weather and water make a tougher bite but cover water to get clued in for the day

It’s been a cold start to the year so far. Water temps are ranging from about 45-47 degrees with the main lake being a little warmer than the creeks so far. That should start to change as it’s slowly starting to warm up and the days getting a little longer. The fishing has been a little tough overall so far. They seem to be moving up and down with the weather changing so much. The most consistent bite seems to be shallow 3-7 feet of water. There doesn’t really seem to be a certain are of the lake that’s better than another but more about picking one area and just covering water until you get bit. You might find you’ll get bit on points better one day and maybe in the backs of pockets the next. Once you do get bit there seems to be multiple bites around and you can run that same pattern for the day. The most important thing is to keep an open mind and adjust through the day as conditions change. The afternoon definitely is better as the sun has warmed everything up a while. The best baits so far are you rattle trap baits and chatterbaits. Craw and red patterns where there is some color to the water or cloudy skies and shad patterns where it is cleaner and sunny skies. I would look for the bite to get better across the whole lake as it gets later into the month and the water gets closer to the low 50’s.  Just remember to keep an open mind and cover water for the day

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