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February Report

Friday, February 25, 2022

A Month of Change

This has been a very different February to say the least.  We started the month with cold freezing weather with water temps in the low to mid 40’s to just this week the water starting to hit the low 50’s.  Most of the month has been fairly dry with clear water until this past week which came with a lot of rain.  Most of the month the water has been really low and clear to now about 3 feet high and dirty.  Through all the changing conditions the one constant has been what the fish have been relating to.  Earlier in on when the water was clear there were some fish to be caught on the bridges and causeways.  Alabama rigs with smaller swimbaits 3-4 inchers worked best and a jerkbait fished very slow.  Kind of the same old deal fish up and down the rip rap and target the points in the bridges.  The grass and shallow bite stayed pretty consistent the whole month with all the changing weather and conditions.  The key depth rang has been that 3-5 foot range looking for the greener grass mostly eel grass but there is some coontail and milfoil to be found as well.  You’ll tend to know when you’re in the right grass by the feel it will be very easy to clear you’re trap of chatterbait.  It tends to have a stickier harder feel to it and that is generally where you’ll get bit.  Covering water seems to be the key till you get bit then slowing down and milking that area.  The bast baits have been the old standard a between a trap and chatterbait.  Rotating between shad and craw patterns based on water clarity and sunny or cloudy conditions.  The lake has come up quite a bit with all the rain this week with a little warmer water.  We should start to see more and more fish pulling up shallower with the dirty water and current flowing hard.  Looks to be a good warming trend going into March which ought to bring some good fishing with the water up and some color to it.

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